Offshore Mooring
SUPERFLEX® pontoon mooring Nano rubber bar    Oct 14, 2020

U.S.A. Patent  No. US 6,889,050 B1  &   Patent  No. US 7,651,299 B2                                                  

1.The SUPERFLEX® is high quality heavy duty mooring industry product. It might be very dangerous, when if it is
installation on pontoons or barges without following a licensed professional engineer load calculated indication.

2.) The most and maximum claim of the SUPERFLEX® products, it is limit to its initial sales amount.
Any Extra claim request will need  to pay by buyer with extra charge insurance fee & extra prior order, SUPFLEX
PMS INC or SUPERFLEX INDUSTRY INC can arrange purchase insurance from other Insurance Company for the
buyer extra prior order.

3.) Use of each SUPERFLEX® D26 mm diameter size each-strand rubber bar maximum safety
loading capacity is only pulling elongation under 60%, and tension strength less than 650 kg. Also
the load pulling test speed must slower than 12” / min speed.

4.) Even though the SUPERFLEX®  D26 mm diameter size rubber bar maximum elongation can
be over 90 %,and even SUPERFLEX each strands capacity of tension strength can be over
1490kg, but the SUFERFLEX® buyers must only working use in the range of its under 60%
elongation lengths of the rubber bar, and also each strand working tension strength must  less
than 650 kg,and  installation under pontoons or barges in the water condition only.

5.) The SUPERFLEX® is made with Carbon, ARAMID & UHMWPE fiber & combined
with high quality Mutil-Component full synthetic rubbers and include with some Nano chemicals material.

6.) SUPERFLEX® for pontoon or barge mooring installation only allow in the water , and the
storage condition must avoid in damage polluted chemical water, especially in damaging chemical liquids, and
avoid installation or storage exceeding temperature range of –40C to + 40C.

7.) The SUPERFLEX® on and after installation must avoid any sharp frictions along with any hard materials.
Whole Mooring Systems inspections must be done during the first 5 - 7 days after
installation, & at least once a year, or each time of when docks have attacked by storm or hurricane
when re-adjusting. SUPERFLEX® rubber bar shall not over loading as above mention tensile
strength or elongation limit range, & shall not allow damage by any mankind intention or innocence behavior.

8.) If any nature damages of SUPERFLEX® rubber bar strands have found, buyer must take off from
the mooring, and mail return back to SUPFLEX PMS INC or SUPERFLEX INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Apply a
new one with free charge from SUPFLEX PMS INC or SUPERFLEX INDUSTRY CO., LTD..

9.) Any failure of ensuring the above instructions, the SUPERFLEX® Products 1
0 years limited warranty
will be automatically invalid.         

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