Superflex Calculation
for Length Choice
Tidal Mooring Tension
Wind & Wave force
on mooring &  
structure choice
2020 Superflex
D32 & D26
Test Report
Job Reference &
ACPM Machine
exam tested

355 years tidal
cycle pulling test
good design for

with 10 years
Offshore Mooring
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Newton    mm (movement)   E.L. %        Time (secs)     Record Number
Newton    mm (movement)   E.L. %        Time (secs)     Record Number
2020 Superflex SB Rubber Rope Bar D26mm Regular Price List
Minimum order: 4 units.

Price: US Dollar EX Warehouse Rate  (US$)                                
Length         1 strand(D26)  
2 strands       3 strands     4 strands      5 strands       6 strands
1.0M (3.3ft)         $257               $514               $771              $1028            $1285             $1542
1.5M (4.95ft)         300                 600                 900                1200               1500               1800
2.0M (6.6ft)           343                 686               1029                1372               1715               2058
2.5M(8.25ft)          386                 772               1158                1544               1930               2316
3.0M (9.85ft)         447                 894               1341                1788               2235               2682
3.5M (11.5ft)         490                 980               1470                1960               2450               2940
4.0M (13.15ft)       533              1066               1599                 2132              2665               3198
4.5M (14.8ft)         576              1152               1728                 2304              2880               3456
5.0M (16.45ft)       619              1238               1857                 2476              3095               3714
Load  Capacity Kg (each strand per unit)   
                     Kg               Kg                   Kg                     Kg                  Kg                  Kg
Working Load:     500             1000                1500                 2000              2500               3000
Minimum Break Load :        
                      1500             3000                4500                 6000              7500               9000
E70% up MBL:   1500             5000                5000               10000           10000              10000
Working Temperature: From - 40C to + 50C

Note: Superflex Rubber Rope Bar operation elongation within 70%, do not work elongation over 70%.
M: Meter (1 meter = 3.298ft)                ft: foot                LBS: pounds (1LBS = 0.4536 kg)
316 SB means : Stainless steel 316 head, rod, & nuts.
SB0130: Single strand 3 meter rubber rope bar (
(MBL: Minimum Break Loading 1,500 kg per unit)
SB0420: 4 strands 2 meter rubber rope bar (MBL: Minimum Break Loading 6,000 kg per unit)
SB0630: 6 strands 3 meter rubber rope ba
r (MBL: Minimum Break Loading 10,000 kg per unit)

Superflex rubber rope bar is design for mooring pontoon lifetime( it already has exam tested
350 years tidal cycle under 60% elongation). 1
0-year limited warranty as in the warranty terms.
SUPFLEX design offshore mooring systems on floating devices,
have consider four-dimensional curved space time (include curved shock
force space with time factor), it is consider more than one vector force of the hurricane turbulence turbulent spiral force,
it need accumulate different space times of relative force as to cumulate energy power count by
(JOULES), need continue accumulate all 4 dimensional times energy power force by that period time, become to
calculate vary space surge mixed vector energy (Joules) instead of simple X & Y & Z vector force (Newton).

That is why Supflex FPSO spread mooring design to insert a Supflex stiffness absorber in Superflex Nano
ElasticTaut mooring system, instead of only choice big size of RQ4 class quality mooring Chain or large size
Steel Cable to semi taut mooring systems. (Detail in SUPFLEX website FPSO mooring)

To sure such complex force energy calculation solution, some of the offshore engineers they
choice Moses, Aqua, Hydrostar, Yoshimi Goda,.. to analysis the accumulate energy force, during
each hurricane high wave 5 -10 sec period (the most powerful wave energy force time period),
the dangerous interactive reaction wave energy force.

SUPFLEX has all test data mooring systems for floating marine engineer designer, with precious
0.01 sec - 1 sec auto revival taut elastic laboratory test report, it will help the marine engineers more
easy to analysis, during the turbulent certain period of various direction interactive time accumulate
for its mooring systems safety need how many vary vector energy force(Joules).
According Supflex precise 0.01 - 0.1 sec tensile test result data, able to analysis what is their need of float structure  
strength, and anchoring systems for their float structure requirement necessary during hurricane attacked.
2020 Superflex®  Real hurricane proof thousand tonnes shock absorber mooring systems

Made by: CR, EPDM, IIR, NR, MQ, SBR,.. Multi-Mixed synthetic rubber & Nano chemical materials,
include Kevlar, Nylon, Carbon fiber & knitted by Nylon or UHMWPE filament, precise component
produce rubber bar and follow the FDA environmental protection  production.

Good Work Temperature: From - 40C to + 50C degree.
World Record: 2007 supply for Hong Kong International Airport 3,650 ton float barge, with Superflex
auto revival taut elastic mooring systems.

Fatigue Test: It has success passed SUPFLEX laboratory test non-stop pulling 36 days(864 hours) as
3,110,400 secs(absorb 6 times/per sec = absorb 18,662,400 times) more than 355 years tidal cycle, by
ACPM (every 12 secs/per cycle) under 60% elongation auto revival non-stop pulling exam.

Superflex® rubber fiber rope (bar) has success exam it is a excellent mooring systems for the commercial
mooring systems use.
(Feb 08, 2020 Reported by SUPFLEX San Jose California USA laboratory)

It is proof, Superflex real able absorbs hurricane turbulent force during each seconds absorb more than 6 times/per sec shock force!
Since 2003, Superflex Bar has already exam proof by more than 100 hurricane across the globe (over 52 country) with safety.
Newton    mm (movement)   E.L. %        Time (secs)     Record Number