Offshore Mooring
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Benefits: All the Superflex information data is
Easy design and all data base on a real science test report digitals result, have 17 years experience success

Nano Tech Full Synthetic Rubber Bar is Environmental Friendly:

SUPERFLEX include Carbon, Aramid & UHMWPE fiber full multiple synthetic rubber rope strands, it does not release any pollutants
into the marine ecosystem. No any pollution to the environment. It is both good for ocean or locations with fresh water lake in city marina.

Maintenance Free:

The auto revival characteristic of the SUPERFLEX Carbon, Etc fiber full synthetic rubber (bar) rope, keep the taut elastic mooring rope &
anchor line automatically revival to the original position on first tension load strength and length,
so there is no any manual adjustment required during the designed windstorm or tidal change.(detail as warrant indication)

High Standard of Marina Lifetime Quality:
SUPERFLEX Carbon, Etc fiber full synthetic rubber bar material is meet ISO 9001 products, and had passed
tests at ABS, CCS,CNAS, National Taiwan University of Science Technology Civil Engineering Mechanics, &
China Beijing Tsinghua University Civil Engineer Department, & United States of America Texas A and M
University Marine Engineer laboratory.
2014 SUPFLEX Supply for
China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) Hurricane Area
Offshore current turbine green-energy barge with Superflex® mooring systems
2012 SUPFLEX Supply for
Harbin Engineering University (HEU)
Hurricane Area
Aug 7-8, 2012 SUPERFLEX  Nano Taut Mooring  Bar Shock Absorber Systems has success pass China HAIKUI
hurricane examination of (The biggest hurricane in 100 years of China East coast history) huge wave shock force
by the 185 Km/Hour wind & maximum with 10 meter height wave.
2016 SUPFLEX Supply for China CAS offshore wave energy barge mooring by Superflex
Hurricane Proof SUPFLEX Shock Absorber Mooring Systems
SUPFLEX has informed from C.A.S. (GIEC) Guanzhou Institute of Energy Conversion on Nov 05, 2020.  
Professor Dr. Yage You. SUPFLEX 2020 has gained the Ocean Energy 2020 IEC/TC-114 standard.
One of the new best choice solution for hurricane area offshore mooring Floats & Barges wave, tide, current with SUPFLEX shock
absorber mooring systems, instead of only choice anchoring with traditional chain, wire, & rope.

SUPFLEX hurricane proof shock absorber mooring systems is not a theoretical new variety idea. Its products have already existed
around the world since 2003 and have been applied in the marine mooring systems, which proof can be used safely.
During 2003-2020, 17 years continuous improvement and many evolution, finally exam more than two hundred fifty nine thousand
times (259,000) automatic revival cycle pulling tests as (6 secs pulling to 60% in strain and release with 6 secs), completed in
San Jose laboratory, on February 02, 2020, it verified SUPFLEX very successful. SUPFLEX shock absorber mooring
systems survival to mooring big barges or floats even under attacked by the wave shock force of those typhoon or hurricane.

Superflex Nano
Tech Rubber Bar have tested non-stop 864 hours pulling by ACPM and automatic revival, it is still stiffness taut elastic
and absorb 6 times in each sec ( total absorb 18,662,400 times), enough for the worst hurricane turbulent 72 hours continue
attack !

Since 2003, SUPFLEX offshore mooring marine shock absorber has already exam tested by 17 years more than 100 hurricane across the global
(over 52 country) with safety.  
2013 SUPFLEX Supply for
Harbin Engineering University (HEU)
Hurricane Area
Offshore current turbine green-energy barge with Superflex® mooring systems
2007 SUPFLEX Supply for HONG KONG International Airport Hurricane Area Skypier
(Ferry Transfer Huge 3650 tons Barge 64M x 24M x 7M) with Supflex® maritime shock absorber
( The mooring systems is designed by
2010 SUPFLEX Supply for China Shenzhen South Bay
World University Sailing Cup Race Marina Concrete Pontoon Dock mooring Systems
2019 SUPFLEX Supply for USA Coast Guard (USCG) in Hurricane Area
for Navigation buoy with Superflex® mooring systems

Supflex shock absorb hurricane proof wave force explanation, 4D calculation requirement

Supflex design mooring shock absorber systems for floating devices, need consider four-dimensional
(include shock force time factor), it is more than one vector force of the hurricane turbulence turbulent
spiral force, it accumulate different times of relative force is very complex as to cumulate vary force power
count by energy (JOULES), it need continue accumulate several time energy force during that period time,
it is become vary space surge mixed vector energy (Quantum energy Joules) instead of simple horizontal or
vertical vector X.Y.Z...ect force (Newton).

A.        Introduction:
In the traditional marine floating mooring materials, as hemp rope, polyester rope, nylon rope, ultra-high molecular
weight polyethylene rope, polypropylene rope, steel cable, chain, etc. Some time it choice link with heavy concrete
weights on anchoring lines for shock absorber.

1.)        But since the success mass production of new materials of Carbon Nanotubes in 1991, Carbon Fiber in 1995,
and Graphene Fiber in 2011.
2.)        SUPFLEX in California in 2012 and commissioned China CHAOBO Company has completed the design and
manufactured a quasi-nano-level long life time for marine tidal and wave force for hurricane proof shock absorber.

3.)        After exam by ACPM automatic revival cycle pulling machine of SUPFLEX PMS INC Company, when under 50% of
the length of the SUPFLEX ruuber bar cable is stretched for a long time, the test result confirms that it has 18,662,400 times of stable
absorption during the pulling test with 3,110,400 seconds. Within the five seconds, the test data can be used for
engineering design to taut and control with safe movement during the typhoon wave mooring of the floating
platform. Take a sample when the 17-meter high waves force of the typhoon, and the extreme 12-meter tidal
drop, it can still greatly absorber the impact of the waves by 80%-90% and within the marine engineer designed
allowed mooring move limited distance, for control the horizontal and vertical directions or other movement.

4.)        A correct design of SUPFLEX shock absorber mooring system, that allows the floating platform just
move certain small movement distance with slowly soft and steadily, but also has the function of very
restricting and securely with always continually taut mooring shock absorb as following data information.
SUPFLEX Single strands 2020 D27mm test result
2020 SUPFLEX Supply SB200275 Canada shipment from San Jose, California U.S.A.
SUPFLEX Single strands 2020 D27mm test result
2020 SUPFLEX Supply SB0430 for Saudi Arabia shipment from Shanghai, China.
2020 SUPFLEX Supply SB200275 for Canada shipment from San Jose, California U.S.A.