2017 SUPERFLEX® component fiber rubber rope cost is high, it made by CR, EPDM, IIR, NR, MQ, SBR,.
Multi-Mixed rubber & some Nano chemical materials, component designs rubber bar follow the FDA 5000
environmental protection to produce, it also have passed the laboratory test on
ACPM (Auto Cycle Pulling
Machine) under water 70% elongation, SB & GB class of Superflex® Rubber fiber rope  success 125,000
Cycle (more than 156 Tidal Cycle Year), it brings the SUPERFLEX® products confirm use for breakwater
pontoon & offshore green energy mooring in the commercial mooring systems business.

SUPERFLEX® build following quality systems process:

A.) Engineering

SUPERFLEX® engineering calculation is in super flex shock absorber mooring systems, according to
Buyer’s project data & function consideration before production. Component material select from world
high qualify suppliers.

Design and Manufacture: choice only use the FDA 5000 standard environmental protection material,
control quality of stiffness & elongation and tensile strength test result meet buyer’s requirement.
Include extra secure safety limited elongation control rope length for all 2 strands up products.

B.) Testing

All SUPERFLEX® offshore mooring products will tested initial working tensile strength, inspection
all the rubber bar maximum working elongation range tensile strength meet the customer’s
requirement in the SUPERFLEX® factory. Invite isolate laboratory institute free select one of SUPERFLEX®  
products, and send to isolate laboratory institute to test the quality for double check SUPERFLEX®  products
quality meet the offshore Buyer’s operation condition requirement.

SUPERFLEX® extra secure safety rope, when on extra charge in buyer's account, able service of
Test & Survey by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), or by DNV (Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas) ,
or by CCS (China Classification Society) with survey Report or Certificate.

C.) Installation Training: SupflexPMS Inc has the installation course for Superflex dealer or distributor.
SUPFERLEX® is a stable & reliable
Nano Technology Rubber Bar Taut elastic Mooring with (every 0.1 - 0.01 sec)
Shock Absorber for large force energy anchoring systems

2005 build China agent factory.

2013 has established set up new San Jose California USA factory
to start prompt supply and better service, for the high quality Superflex systems of the USA local

Nov 16, 2016
SUPFLEX rubber bar have specially selected every 5 seconds in each cycle, continues pulling and
release test auto cycle examination for 2 hours fatigue test, result is no any damage have found and
proof its excellent stable quality. Test result as the below chart. Test by Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Mechanics Laboratory.on:Nov,16,2016. (for 2016 offshore mooring buyer request)  
Offshore Mooring
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