SUPERFLEX® component fiber rubber rope quality is super good.

t is made by CR, EPDM, IIR, NR, MQ, SBR,.. Multi-Mixed rubber & some Nano chemical
include Kevlar, Aramid, Carbon fiber & knitted by synthetic filament, component
produce rubber bar follow the FDA environmental protection  production.

2020 Jan, it also already have passed the laboratory test non-stop pulling 2,332,800 secs
on ACPM (Auto Cycle Pulling Machine 13 secs/cycle ) under 60% elongation auto revival
, SB & GB class of Superflex® Rubber fiber rope (Bar) success 179,446 Cycle (more
than 2
45 Tidal Cycle Year), it brings the SUPERFLEX® products confirm use for marina
on & breakwater pontoon life time mooring in the commercial mooring systems
(Jan 24, 2020 report from SUPFLEX San Jose California laboratory)

SUPERFLEX® build following quality systems process:

A.) Engineering

SUPERFLEX® engineering calculation is in super flex shock absorber mooring systems, according to
Buyer’s project data & function consideration before production. Component material select from world
high qualify suppliers.

Design and Manufacture: choice only use the FDA 5000 standard environmental protection material,
control quality of stiffness & elongation and tensile strength test result meet buyer’s requirement.
Include extra secure safety limited elongation control rope length for all 2 strands up products.

B.) Testing

All SUPERFLEX® offshore mooring products will tested initial working tensile strength, inspection
all the rubber bar maximum working elongation range tensile strength meet the customer’s
requirement in the SUPERFLEX® factory. Invite isolate laboratory institute free select one of SUPERFLEX®  
products, and send to isolate laboratory institute to test the quality for double check SUPERFLEX®  products
quality meet the offshore Buyer’s operation condition requirement.

SUPERFLEX® extra secure safety rope, when on extra charge in buyer's account, able service of
Test & Survey by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), or by DNV (Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas) ,
or by CCS (China Classification Society) with survey Report or Certificate.

C.) Installation Training: Supflex PMS Inc has the installation course for Superflex its dealer or distributor.
SUPFERLEX® is a very stable & reliable mooring systems

Nano Technology Rubber Bar Taut elastic Mooring with absorb every 1 - 0.01 sec
Shock Absorber force energy anchoring systems
Offshore Mooring
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