Offshore Mooring
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Superflex SB 1 strand rubber rope bar
Superflex SB 6 strands rubber rope bar
Superflex SB 4 strands rubber rope bar
SUPERFLEX® systems that brings together GSB or SB Multi Component Rubber Rope with
Arami & KEVLAR® or UHMWPE fabric materials to maximize flexibility, stability, and durability in mooring
systems.  Super Flex Products are meet ISO9001 standard, & it has tested at ABS, or CCS, CNAS,

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Experimental Centre of Engineering Mechanics, Beijing Tsinghua
University Civil Engineer Department, & United States of America Texas A&M University Marine Engineer

Marine Superflex® link to Super
Taut Elastic Mooring Systems inspection at the key components and serious

them all,

1.) The key components for the SUPFLEX® system:
The Super Elastic Rubber Rope strands, made by High Technology Mutual Complex mixed
CR, EPDM, IIR, NR, SBR, Kevlar, UHMPE, Carbon fibers for shock absorb rubber rope, link the Pontoon
Connecting Construction box, to the 70% elongation safety locking rope set in the SUPERFLEX mooring
systems, and then link the moderate size Anchors(concrete or steel helix anchors).

2.) The systems parts:
They need fit each mooring design loading Tensile Strength capacity, and working smooth together to provide a
stable and secure for the application meet the Civil Engineer Mooring Systems Design High Stiffness Elastic
Model to handle the tidal elongation, maximum wind & wave & current force.

3.) Serious Test Inspection:
All these systems produce experience (include the Concrete pontoon & Concrete Anchor, and assembly
installation work), to run a number of serious tests to forecast all the components are working meet the Civil
Engineer designers with SUPFLEX® systems. Include the SUPERFLEX® Safety Locking Rope by ABS or
CCS certificate, and SUPFLEX® rubber rope have reliable elastic under 70% elongation with at least 50 year
tidal cycle  test by ACPM machine. (Auto Cycle Pulling Machine)