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Superflex 04880 48 strands 8 meter
Newton    mm (movement)   E.L. %        Time (secs)     Record Number
Newton    mm (movement)   E.L. %        Time (secs)     Record Number
Use Superflex design mooring systems on floating devices, consider four-dimensional (include shock
force time factor), it is more than one vector force of the hurricane turbulence turbulent spiral force,
it accumulate different times of relative force as similar to cumulate nuclear energy count by
(JOULES), need continue accumulate all times energy force by that period time moment, become
vary space surge mixed vector energy (Joules) instead of simple vector force (Newton).

To make such kind complex force energy calculation solution, some of the offshore engineers they
choice Moses, Aqua, Hydrostar, Yoshimi Goda,.. to analysis the accumulate energy force, during
each hurricane high wave 5 -10 sec period (the most powerful wave energy force time period),
the dangerous interactive reaction wave energy force.

SUPERFLEX test data mooring systems for floating marina, breakwater pontoon, offshore
barge, or platform for marine engineer designer, with precious 0.1 sec - 0.01 sec auto revival taut
elastic analysis laboratory test report, it will help the marine engineers more easy to analysis, the
various direction interactive time accumulate for vary vector energy force(Joules), according
Superflex 0.1 - 0.01 sec tensile test result data, to analysis what is their need of float structure  
strength, and anchoring systems they need for their float structure requirement necessary.
Newton    mm (movement)   E.L. %        Time (secs)     Record Number
Superflex 02027 20 strands 2.7 meter
Newton   mm(movement)     E.L. %          Time secs       Number